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The Reason Why We Came Down To This World

The Reason Why We Came Down To This World

Every soul that exists on this earth comes from under the heavenly throne.

The soul tells G-d that it wants to enter the Garden of Eden. G-d replies that each soul does not have the proper clothing to enter which would cause the soul great embarrassment. The soul then asks G-d how one would obtain garments in order to enter the garden and G-d explains that it is by performing Mitzvot. The only place a soul can perform Mitzvot, however, is on Earth. The soul agrees to these terms in order to obtain clothing so that it may achieve its ultimate goal, entering the Garden of Eden.

Every time a human being performs a Mitzvah on Earth, the limb of their body with which they performed the good deed gains clothing for their soul in the Garden of Eden. There are 248 positive commandments corresponding to the 248 limbs of the human body and 365 negative commandments corresponding to the 365 veins and sinews of the human body. After performing all of the Mitzvot and refraining from committing sin, a soul will have all of the clothing needed in order to enter the Garden of Eden, the final resting place where the soul has eternal tranquility and peace.

In many cases, the soul does not want to take the chance entering Earth at all because of the fears it has of distractions and tests that come about in this world which could disable it from fulfilling its mission. Despite these fears, G-d forces it to come to this world so that the soul can ultimately enter the Garden of Eden.

The soul begs G-d to let it enter this world as a lamb, blind person, or autistic person so it does not have the ability to sin. Depending on the mission of that soul, G-D will do accordingly. When a soul comes down to this world as a fully functioning human being, it is the highest form it can possibly be because it is able to perform all of G-d’s commandments. The person who performs all of G-d's Mitzvot will be able to enter Garden of Eden and be fully clothed. If the soul is missing Mitzvot or has sinned, it needs to be cleansed otherwise it will have an eternal handicap and forever be embarrassed. In these cases, G-D, in his merciful way, gives the soul another chance to come back down to this world. This enables the soul to rectify the mistakes it once made so it can go to its final resting spot.

Keeping this concept in mind, when we see a terrible tragedy in this world such as a child dying at a young age, we know that this child’s soul came to this world in order to rectify its mistakes made in a passed life. These souls are able to complete their missions early on so they may go to their final resting place and do not wish to remain on this Earth any longer with the potential risk of sinning again.

There was a child who died at the young age of two. Understandably, the parents could not come to terms with their loss. One night, the child came to the mother in a dream and told his mother to stop crying for him. His mother pleaded and asked her child why he left this world so soon. The child then explained that in his passed life, his parents became observant after he was two years old. Before he was two, the child was fed non-kosher food through his mother’s milk. Because of this, his soul needed to return to Earth to rectify the sin he had committed in the past. The child then explained to his mother that G-d chose her and her husband to be his parents because they were special and observant people who would make sure he was fed only kosher food throughout his short life. This enabled the child’s soul to accomplish his full purpose here in this world.

Once a soul passes away to the next world, it does not have the ability to perform any more Mitzvot nor does it have the ability to rectify the mistakes it has made on Earth. If people who are still living on Earth take it upon themselves to do good deeds on behalf of the deceased, they have the ability to rectify the mistakes of a soul that has passed on which would allow them to avoid coming back to this world to fix anything. This is an important thing to do because the process of the soul returning to this Earth is painful for not only the soul, but for all those who know it.

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