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Do The Deceased Know If We Perform Acts Of Merits For Them?

Do The Deceased Know If We Perform Acts Of Merits For Them?

The answer to this question is yes. In addition to knowing when we perform merits for them, they know how to pay back the person who did the merits on their behalf.

One may be asking how we in this world would know for certain that our passed loves ones are aware of the good deeds we do for them after they are gone.

There have been many cases where souls have come to people in dreams in order to thank them doing the good deeds that elevated them to a higher level. There are many stories that can validate this point. In fact, the Gemara in tractate Shabbas, page 152A relates a story that falls under this category.

There was a man who died without leaving any children or family members to sit Shiva, the seven day mourning period, for him. Rabbi Yehudah went with ten of his students to this person’s house and taught Torah in the same spot where the deceased once lived. After seven days, the deceased man came to Rabbi Yehudah in a dream to thank him for giving him peace and tranquility. 

Passed on souls are completely aware of all of the good deeds performed in their honor by people who still are still alive on this Earth. Not only are they aware, but it has an extremely powerful effect on the soul.

Keeping this in mind, one should always state that they are doing a good deed in memory of a lost soul by saying the soul’s name as well as its father’s name. This will enable the lost soul to be elevated while elevating your own soul in the process as well.

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