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Yahrzeit26 Adar I
Hebrew NameMoshe Tzvi ben Zev
Date of Passing Mar/19/1993

My grandfather was a very special person. He was a holocaust survivor and a man of true bitachon. He was the shamash of a Shul. He loved and was loved by everyone. He was a wonderful husband, father, father in-law and grandfather. 

Things Done Liluy Nishmas Moshe Zeidel
Moshe Tzvi ben Zev


Duvie ordered Kaddish (Kaddish on Day of Yahrzeit) Liluy Nishmas Moshe Tzvi ben Zev
26 Adar 5780 - Mar/22/2020

Have the Jewish Memorial Kaddish Prayer recited in merit of your Loved Ones by a Torah Scholar, in all 3 daily prayers. Yahrzeit Kaddashim must be ordered at least 2 days in advance.
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