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Yahrzeit11 Tishrei
Hebrew NameMoshe
Date of Passing Oct/10/2019

Hi Rabbi,

As per our phone conversation, please say Kaddish for my father "Moshe Ben Miriam" (Alav HaShalom). Please find a Sephardic Minian if possible. Otherwise I think the Ashkenazim go by the name of the father which is for my father: "Moshe Ben Amram" (Alav HaShalom).

Thank you very much and Tizke Lemitzvot!

All the best!

Ely Chocron

Additional Information

Father Amram
Mother Miriam
Spouse Nelly

Things Done Liluy Nishmas Moises Chocron


ordered Kaddish (Shared Kaddish - 1 Month) Liluy Nishmas Moshe
9 Iyyar 5780 - May/03/2020

Have the Jewish Memorial Kaddish Prayer recited in merit of your Loved Ones by a Torah Scholar, in all 3 daily prayers. Yahrzeit Kaddashim must be ordered at least 2 days in advance.
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