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Yahrzeit9 Tevet
Hebrew NameYosef
Date of Passing Jan/01/1996

Joseph Churba as young boy growing up in Brooklyn. Has been a role model for all of his family and friends. His Passion was to help his brothern in Israel. He had learnt in the Mir Yeshivah, then went to Beit Midrash Beit Yosef. From There he went to learn under the leadership of Chacham Ezra Attiah where he received his Semichah. On his return back to America He went College, and went in to politics. He quickly rose to high ranks and became one of the most powerful religious advocate for the state of Israel.

Additional Information

Nicknames Joseph
Father Rachamim
Mother Adele

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E. Mizrahi purchased YAHRZEIT PLUS Liluy Nishmas Yosef


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